Tech Data

Incheon Intl. Airport, Incheon Korea
Specific gravity (23/25°C): 2.382
ASTM D792a
Water Absorption: 0.016% ASTM D570
Density: 148.64 lb/ft³ (2,380.65 kg/m³) ASTM C97
Modulus of Rupture: 3,534 psi (24.36 MPa) ASTM C99
Abrasion Resistance: 57.91 ASTM C241
Thermal Expansion: 11.99 x 106 in/in Fº
(21.58 x 106 cm/cm Cº)
Acid Resistance: Excellent ASTM C217
Scaling Resistance: Excellent ASTM C672-98
Thermal Shock Resistance: Excellent ASTM C484-99
Freeze-Thaw Cycling: Unaffected ASTM C1026
Slip Resistance*:
(Coefficient of Friction)
>0.85 Wet (honed)
>0.60 Wet (polished)
ASTM C1028
ASTM C1028
Hardness: 7 MOHS Hardness Scale
PEI Rating: V EN154, ISO TC/189
Compressive Strength: 27,234 psi (187.75 MPa) ASTM C170
Flexural Strength:
7,158 psi (49.35 MPa) ASTM C880
327 kg – f/cm2 ASTM D780 (test speed: 6mm/min, Distance between the support: 250mm)
Flame Spread:
Smoke Developed:
ASTM E84-97a
(Meets Class A)
Pencil Hardness 9H KSD 6711-97
Flexural Properties 362.000kg – f/cm2 ASTM D780 (test speed: 6mm/min, Distance between the support: 250mm)
Izoid Impact Strength 1.6kg – fcm/cm ASTM D256a
Barcol Hardness 90 ASTM D2583 1
Rockwell Hardness (HRM) 121 ASTM D785a
Tensile Strength 133kg – f/cm2 ASTM D638
(test speed: 5mm/min)
Deflection temperature
(flexural stress: 18.5 kgf/cm2
154°C ASTM D648
Nominal Thickness: 12, 15, 20, 30mm
(0.47, 0.59, 0.79, 1.18 in)
Nominal Weight: 6.02 lbs/ft² (29.4 kg/m²) 12 mm
7.54 lbs/ft² (36.8 kg/m²) 15 mm
10.04 lbs/ft² (49.0 kg/m²) 20 mm
15.05 lbs/ft² (73.5 kg/m²) 30 mm
*Enhanced Slip Resistance treatment is available. Contact PEER for information