Quartz Comparison

The look, the touch, the feel, is but the basic ingredients in a sophisticated formula of development and design. geoquartz offers virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of applications. With the strength and durability of geoquartz, it is suited for many applications including floors, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, table tops, and even shelving. For vertical applications, geoquartz can even be used for an impressive backsplash design, shower walls and other wall cladding, giving the end-user the power to continue reinventing their spaces with geoquartz.

Stone, for all its beauty, has flaws and imperfections that homeowners either love, accept, or hate. But geoquartz has the flaws engineered out. In geoquartz, you will not find invisible striations just waiting to crack open some day, as you will find with slab stone. Please review the strength and durability table below.

Property geoquartz Granite* Marble*
Gravity 2.382 2.650 2.700
Flexural Strength, psi:(Mpa) 7,158 (49.35) 2,030 (14.000) 1,596 (11.000)
Compressive Strength, psi:(Mpa) 27,234 (187.75) 21,758 (150.000) 17,406 (120.000)
Moisture Absorption(%) 0.13 0.35 0.30

* typical