geoquartz brand quartz surfacing is comprised of 93% quartz, blended with 7% unsaturated polyester resins, additives, and inorganic non-fading pigments using the world patented vacuum-vibroprocess process of Breton S.p.A of Italy. geoquartz tiles and slabs are ideally suited for a wide range of horizontal and vertical surfacing applications including residential floors, large scale commercial floors, counters, vanities, and interior wall cladding. The current color palette of over 40-styles as well as the capability to produce essentially any color or desired appearance limits designers and architects only by their imagination.

Quartz is extremely hard, with unique strength, unusual depth, clarity and radiance. Quartz crystals give geoquartz its exceptional hardness, clarity and consistency in color. geoquartz is dense, non-porous, non-staining and requires virtually no maintenance.

It suggests a feeling of enhanced luxury and sophistication while at the same time it is one of the most varied minerals. It offers a variety of types, colors and forms, each with its own individual appearance.

geoquartz has characteristics of superior strength and durability. It is extremely resistant to cracks, chips, scratches, dulling, and abrasion. It is graded as a Class 1 material and has a PEI V rating. Its MOHS hardness rating is 7.

geoquartz can be cut and installed to the exact specifications needed by the customer. There is no sealing required for geoquartz. It requires virtually no maintenance other than normal cleaning. It is virtually unaffected by heat, freeze-thaw, and acid.

Generally geoquartz is installed in a manner similar to impervious ceramic tile. Tiles and Slabs can be ground, polished, fabricated, and finished using tools commonly used for granite. A diamond blade wet saw is sufficient to cut geoquartz tiles and slabs.