With value far beyond granite and solid surfaces, geoquartz widens its selection of products to include prefabricated vanity and kitchen countertops. Whether standard size products, custom fabrication tops, or specification jobs–geoquartz can produce and prefabricate your requirements. Compared to common surfacing materials like cultured marble, granite and solid surface, geoquartz offers a surface that will far surpass all of these others in characteristics and long-life. geoquartz offers prefabricated standard products for both vanity and kitchen countertops. Programs geared specifically to the fabricator and end-user.

geoquartz can put the whole job together for almost any commercial, builder or hospitality project. Producing prefabricated tops and then coordinating the décor with matching tile, slabs, and ultra-thin 0.47”/12mm thick wall paneling is the geoquartz strength. Contact us for project quotes.

Prefabricated Vanity & Kitchen Countertops

In-Stock Prefabricated Vanity Countertop Program – Chicago, IL


  • 2cm/.75″ countertop thickness. 2cm backsplash and sidesplashes.
  • Standard 2cm Square Eased finished polished edge on 3 sides (standard).
  • Sink Bowl cut-out size 16.25″x13.25″ oval. Polished sink rim. Sink bowl mounting clips/anchors.
  • 8″ faucet hole spread.
  • Sizes: 25″x22″, 31″x22″, 37″x22″, 49″x22″, 61″x22″
  • Colors: Pure Black, Mirage, French Vanilla, Canyon, Royal White, Amazon, Luna Pearl, Neo-Ocean.
  • 17″x14″ Undermount oval shape sink bowl. Porcelain white and bone available.

48-72 hour lead time shipped from Chicago, IL

Prefabricated kitchen countertops and table tops

  • 2cm and 3cm thickness available
  • 2cm/.75”, 3cm/1.25” and 4cm/1.5” laminated edge profiles available in kitchen tops and tabletops
  • Standard Kitchen tops are 96”x25.5” with three sides edge polished. A 36”x36”x25.5” corner blank also available.
  • Standard Tabletops are round, rectangle, square and oval in shape with all sides edge polished.